At-home urine collection device

Safe2Pcanter: Urine Sample Collection

Innovation meets at-home sample collection with the safe2Pcanter , the ultimate at-home urine collection device. Developed in response to market demand, the design was curated as an alternative to bulky single-use at-home urine sample collection devices such as plastic cups. This tackles the typical drawbacks seen in traditional collection sampling kits.


The flat-packed urine specimen receptacle enables users to self-collect urine samples in the comfort of their own homes. The safe2Pcanter is the ideal UKCA, CE and FDA Furls registered (D507588) solution for sample collection kits, point-of-care diagnostic kits and clinical trials.

Flat-packed, reduced packaging for at-home sample collection

The flat-packed design offers a reduced plastic solution, lowering any chance of damage or cracks to the receptacle during transit and increasing the sample return rate. The safe2Pcanter can be dispatched in bulk, reducing packaging costs with minimal storage space required.

Additional features:

  • Easy to use
  • Wide aperture for easy sample collection 
  • Sits on a flat surface with a crash lock bottom


  • Controlled pour into small aperture tubes
  • Transfer to tube

Customisable features:

  • Bespoke branding
  • Sterility
  • Tamper evident opening
  • Fill line
  • Barcoded for complete traceability
Safe2Pcanter: Urine Sample Collection

How to use the at-home urine collection device:

The device has easy-to-follow instructions listed on the side of the safe2Pcanter container:


1) Simply press with your finger and thumb in the marked areas to lock the 3D box into place.


2) The pouring spout can then be used to decant the contents into the primary sample receptacle, ready to be transported to the lab.


Our at-home urine collection devices can come in a range of quantities to provide you with the right volume of consumables for your distribution network. Available packs include:

Safe2Pcanter: Urine Sample Collection

Product Number:

Product Dimensions:
Flat 120mm x 100mm

Outer Packaging Box Size: 
410 x 305 x 305mm

Weight :

If you’re interested in sourcing the safe2Pcanter at more specific quantities, get in touch with the RDi team.

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RDi products to meet at home sample collection requirements

RDi also provide a kit fulfillment service which aims to seamlessly integrate innovative products with traceable and customized distribution. With the abilities to apply data at the moment of packaging, as well as traceable component make up, our supply chain technology is a worthwhile investment for peace of mind that a parcel is protected and complete upon reception.

We have operated in the healthcare arena for over two decades, which means the evolution of our products and services has expanded to meet demands, market requirements and fill gaps. You can source a variety of additional at-home sample collection products and consumables through RDi products, as well as complete testing kits and packaging solutions.

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