About RDi Products

About RDi Products: Experts in Specimen Transport

Specimen transport solutions to serve the healthcare arena

RDi products aims to deliver the consumables and packaged kits necessary to streamline diagnostics, at home testing, specimen transportation processes and innovate kit components and consumable design across the healthcare sectors.


We can facilitate the design, development, manufacture and supply of regulatory-compliant kits and consumables. Our services also span across the fulfilment of such diagnostic kits with unmatched traceability across the entire transportation and reception journey.


We’ve assisted a range of businesses and suppliers in the healthcare sector to achieve their packaging and specimen transportation goals. From national screening programmes to pharmaceutical businesses, we’ve designed RDi products to meet the needs of end users, couriers, labs, distributors, and any other receiver during the specimen transport journey.

Our vision

To design, manufacture and supply compliant specimen transport kits, consumables, and services to transform the diagnostic, clinical and forensic space by meeting their present and future aims. Whether that’s sustainability ambitions, end-user usability or developing custom packaging tailored to specimen transport needs.

Enhancing medical specimen transport

Since 2016, our primary mission has been to support at-home sample collection and revolutionise the diagnostic field. This has allowed us to curate an exclusive range of innovative medical sample kits and packaging solutions based on the requirements of specimen logistics.


With a focus on optimised product design and automated manufacture, we produce packaging solutions and kit consumables that address current gaps in the market. Utilising our in-house R&D capabilities, expansive regulatory compliance team and automated production lines to easily meet scalable and bespoke client demands.


Whilst our product portfolio provides end-to-end biological sample packaging, kits and consumables for secure specimen transport, our affiliated partner and channel fulfilment specialist RDi enables us to deliver beyond the design and manufacture of your medical packaging.

Fulfilling supply chains and navigating specimen logistics

As part of the wider RDi group, we can revolutionise supply chain management through high-speed automated production, unique kit identification and tracking technology. Our data-driven inventory and post-fulfilment management analytics offer much more to the healthcare sector than just a compliant diagnostic supply chain.


If you’re looking to streamline your sample packaging and kit production whilst integrating our consumables and packaging, get in touch with the RDi team.